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December 2017 #FunFriday—Time out at Tarkwa Bay Lagos Beach


Fun… Leisure… Relaxation… Enjoyment… Amusement… Excitement… December 22nd, 2017 will forever remain fresh in our hearts as a day we had so much fun…

As Randy Pausch kindly puts it, “Never, Ever Underestimate the Importance of Having Fun.”

For our December 2017 Fun Friday, we gathered at the office in the morning and treated ourselves to a nice light breakfast of small chops, chinchin, an apple and a lovely zobo drink for everyone.

And off we went to our Fun Friday destination… Where on earth was our Fun Friday destination?




The Fun Friday organizing team at our workplace had done a great job of concealing the destination to where we were going. They wanted us to have fun and be amused… Well, we ate our lovely breakfast in exciting anticipation of where we were heading to!

Then we alighted at CMS, Lagos Island where we were going to take a boat…

Wow!!!…  A boat ride? Most of us never saw this coming.

It came as a surprise to us… We were going to the Tarkwa Bay Beach. It was then we knew that the fun had indeed begun.



We boarded the boat en-route to Tarkwa Bay Lagos Beach! It was indeed an enjoyable boat ride.



Upon our arrival at Tarkwa Bay beach, we relaxed for a few minutes and some of us entered the water to enjoy the buzzing strength of the sea waves.



We were grouped into two teams; team A and team B. We played  Ludo and Scrabble. We won’t say which team won 🙂

We also played a game we called, “Know Yourself!” The purpose of this game was to test how well we knew one another as a team in CKDigital. Everyone is divided into a pair of two by picking random same numbers.

Each person in a pair is asked questions  concerning their team mate. The team that answers both questions correctly wins!  This game was really enlightening because it gave us the opportunity to know one another better as a team in CKDigital.



After the games, we ran a relay race. Then, we treated ourselves to a sumptuous lunch meal. There was a lot to choose from: Village Rice, Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Asun, Chicken, Meat, Plantain and Moi-moi… So, you can see that we had so much fun.



Then we relaxed, played the “find your ball” game at the beach shore. In this game, balls were covered in different heaps of sand, nine balls in total. Two representatives from each team were to find the balls in the heaps. The team with the highest number of balls won. Team A got 6 balls while team B got 3 balls… So, Team A won!

Afterwards, we took lots of pictures and enjoyed some more music while patiently waiting for our boat ride.



It was another exciting boat ride back to CMS, Lagos Island.



One word to summarize the December 2017 Fun Friday Experience? FUN!!!

Big thanks to the organizing team for giving us the opportunity to have such a wonderful fun Friday experience.


6 thoughts on “December 2017 #FunFriday—Time out at Tarkwa Bay Lagos Beach”

  1. The boat ride was cool and fun for me, the skillful exchange of baton during the relay section was awesome. Had nice time with the best team in the world #teamCKDigital.

  2. “We were grouped into two teams; team A and team B. We played Ludo and Scrabble. We won’t say which team won”
    Team A won !!!!!! LOL

  3. No boring moment. I had a great time and Yes! My team won. Looking forward to the next Fun Friday… Double Fun awaits me (If you know, you know).

  4. We sure had loads of Fun. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We definitely know how to have fun. #teamckdigital #teamA #definatelythewinningteam #ilovemyteam

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