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5 Ways to Increase your Email Conversion and Open Rates

how to increase your email conversion and open rate


Sending emails to your customers is an excellent way to market your products or services without having to spend a lot of money.

Despite the fact that it is highly cost-effective, most business owners find it very hard to fully maximize the potential of their email list.

The following tips were put together based on our experience as an email marketing company. If you apply them to your email campaigns, you will surely notice an increase in your open and conversion rates.


1. Content is King

The first step to getting your email opened is to use a clear and unambiguous subject line that will be relevant to your audience.

Words go a long way in communication which is why you have to be brief as you would not want to bore your readers. At the same time, you would want to convey the main purpose of the mail within this brevity context.

While writing your email newsletter, ensure you:

  • Start your mail with a courteous greeting such as ”Hello” or ”Dear”;
  • Use appropriate grammar, fonts, and colors;
  • Avoid loading the emails with too many images.

Finally, always provide your email subscribers with content that goes in line with their intents and needs.


2. Test Your Emails

The importance of testing your emails cannot be overemphasized in email marketing.

What this means is that you should always send about two or more variant of a mail to a small portion of your email list. Afterward, you can then send the one with the highest open and conversion rate to your entire list.

Do not limit your testing to subject lines alone. You can also try out different designs and content.

After several years of experience as an email marketing company, we discovered that even though most emails can be read and opened clearly on a computer screen, not all of them are ideal for mobile devices.

So always ensure you preview your emails on multiple mobile devices before sending them out.


3. Get Your Timing Right

When sending an email, the timing is very important. Timing is everything. The time of the day and what day of the week you send your emails will determine how well the mail will perform.

Sending your marketing emails during business hours is not a good idea because most people will be at work.

Rather, you should send your emails at night. A test done by GetResponse shows that the best open rates for emails are at night especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You should also send emails on weekends. People tend to be less engaged with work and more relaxed on weekends which means they will have the time to read your emails.

However, note that the timing of your emails depends on the uniqueness of your products or services, customer base, and content.


4. Send More Frequent Emails

Most people send emails to their subscribers occasionally based on the assumption that they do not want to disturb their subscribers.

If you send emails occasionally like once in two months, there is a high chance that most of your subscribers would not remember you.

A rule in marketing says that an average customer needs to see your offer at least seven times before he or she becomes aware of it.

However, this does not mean you should send too many emails but once in every two weeks should do.

Sending too many emails to your subscribers might irritate them thereby making them unsubscribe from your list.

You should increase the frequency of your emails to customers who respond slowly or do not respond at all.


5. Integrate with Social Media

The integration of social media with email marketing help spreads your contents across various social media platforms. This enhances your subscribers’ value by keeping them connected to your brand.

You can also capture the email addresses of your targeted audiences from social media and follow them up with emails.

Several email marketing platforms like MailChimp have features that allow you to fully integrate your mail list with Facebook.


Getting started with email marketing might seem challenging. The stress is worth it because the payoff comes on time.

If you think you need more expert advice on maximizing your email marketing campaigns, don’t hesitate to book a session with CKDigital.



Over to you…

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Increase your Email Conversion and Open Rates”

  1. Great Work Lekan.
    Increasing Email Conversion and Marketing makes traffic generation meaningful.
    Cos its all you’ve got if every other thing goes away.

  2. Wow! this is educative. What a creative and technical write-up.

    Integrating my social media account with the broadcast mail, which social account would you recommend?

    If am to select three among facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp, pinterest and tumblr.

    Kindly help out with the best hierarchy order of choice.

    Great Job Lekan!

    1. Hello Mr Ibrahim,

      Thank you for your comment.

      When it comes to integrating your social media account with your mail, you have to put your customers into consideration. You need to do a thorough scrutiny of your subscribers or targeted customers and find out the platform they use the most. You also need to be sure that your Email company allows mail integration into such platform.

      For example, If I own a fashion or jewelry store, I will focus more on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook because I know that is where most of my targeted customers are. Unfortunately, that order might not work out for someone like you with an E-learning platform.

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