Digital Marketing for E-Commerce Websites

Irrespective of how beautiful and functional a website is, without visitors, it is useless. CKDigital helps clients advertise their online stores on search engine, social media and high-traffic websites.

Depending on a client’s business, we use a variety of digital marketing channels to advertise the website, and run special campaigns. Some of the channels include:

1. Google Display Network

The Google Display Network enables us place our clients’ ads on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the internet to reach more potential customers. Display ads help online businesses by generating awareness, increasing sales, and driving loyalty.

What CKDigital will do:

  • Build the ads
  • Target your potential customers
  • Manage your campaign
  • Track client’s investment

2. Google AdWords

Advertising on Google’s search page helps clients get more interested visitors to their websites.  These ads displayed next to Google search result and are also seen on mobile devices. We use advanced targeting options such as showing the ads on specific days of the week, hours in a day, or different placements or devices.

How this works:

  • People search on Google
  • They see our client’s ad
  • The client gets more customers

3. Facebook/Instagram PPC Ads

Advertising on Facebook means that clients will be connecting with the world’s largest audience of active, connected people. For more effectiveness, we can target clients’ ads on Facebook based on the characteristics of the users: Age, Gender, Location, Interests, etc.

4. Mobile Advertising

Advertising your e-commerce website on apps and other mobile platforms.

5. Web Retargeting Ads

These ads are designed to ‘follow’ customers that have visited your website at least once. Using display networks and social media sites and applications, these kind of ads keep website visitors coming back for more.