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Events at CKDigital

General Meeting

We have a company-wide meeting every Monday by 10am. All members of the CKDigital team are expected to be in this meeting.


Kaizen Meeting

The Japanese word kaizen simply means “change for better”. Our Kaizen meeting holds once a month as scheduled at departmental level. The purpose of this meeting is for departmental teams to discuss results and challenges, and then come up with ways to improve their processes and work more effectively.

CKDigital Kaizen Meeting


Fun Friday

Bonding as a team is very important to us at CKDigital. As a result, we set apart the last Friday of every 4th month of the year for a special team building event called Fun Friday. We usually leave work early and head to some fun place as determined by our special Fun Friday committee.

CKDigital Fun Friday


Food Friday

Every last Friday of the month, the company provides free food.

CKDigital Food Friday



The ‘K’ in our core values means ‘Knowledge’. We expect that team members will use at least one day in a month to learn something new.

CKDigital K-Day


In-house Training

During the CKDigital In-house Training, a member of the team trains other members of the team on a chosen topic. This event holds on Wednesdays, once every two weeks from 11am to 12 noon.

The purpose of this activity is to impart knowledge and also improve the communication and presentation skills of the team members.

CKDigital In-House Training