Frequently Asked Questions - Web Design Nigeria - CKDigital

Frequently Asked Questions

What do people wear?

We’re super-casual. Jeans, t-shirts, sneakers are the most common. Sometimes people wear blazers if they are feeling fancy. However, when we have meetings outside the office, we dress formal.


What time do people usually work from?

Work officially resumes by 9am and ends by 6pm. You‘ll however notice that some people come in earlier than 9 and close later than 6.


Can I work from home?

Absolutely! Full-time members of the CKDigital team usually work from home once or twice every week. There are, however, some team members that do not work from home as a result of their duties. If you fall into this category, your supervisor will inform you.


How much vacation time do I get?

Generally, full-time members of the CKDigital team get up to 12 days off work, apart from 13 national holidays. We generally recommend that you take at least one day per month to rest, but feel free to use this as you wish.


When do I get paid?

CKDigital pays on or before the 28th day of every month via direct deposit/transfer to your bank account.